Weight Loss Recordings

Say goodbye to diets, intense exercise regimes, diet shakes and whatever other weight loss fad you have read about. Thanks to self-hypnosis weight loss recordings, you can achieve your weight loss goals easily, effortlessly and naturally!

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to unlock the power of your mind. With the Weight Management Protocol we get you back in tune with your body and only eating when you are hungry. With the Virtual Gastric Band fitted you eat smaller meals and do not feel hungry. Helping you lose weight and reach your goals.

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Join my growing list of clients who are reaching and maintaining their weight loss goals.

The Weight Loss Programme consists of the following recordings to enable you  to reach your goal weight:

  1. Flowers – relaxation recording. A great introduction to hypnosis. You can listen whenever you want to, as many times as you want to.
  2. Mind Body Connection – getting your mind and body back in tune so you only eat when you are hungry.
  3. Garden of Stones – Helps remove all the reasons why we eat, setting you up for weight loss success.
  4. Fitting the Gastric Band – Fits the virtual gastic band to your stomach helping you eat smaller meals while still feeling full and satisfied.
  5. Morning Recording – Daily recording you listen to (for at least 6 weeks) once you have the virtual gastric band fitted. It’s a great start to the day!
  6. Evening Recording – Daily recording you listen to (for at least 6 weeks) once you have the virtual gastric band in place. This also helps you sleep, waking feeling refreshed and energised.
  7. Path of Choice – Helps you stay focused on YOUR reasons and motivation for losing weight.
  8. Control Room – Locks in your ideal weight/size, resets hormone levels, motivation and anything you need to help reach your goal
  9. Clearing – Get rid of emotional baggage that may be hindering your weight loss success.

Once you purchase the Weight Loss Hypnotherapy programme you have full, unlimited access to all recordings on the Soundwise app. You will get an email providing detailed instructions on accessing your recordings and how to get the most success from the Weight Loss Programme.

This is not a diet!

I can’t stress enough that this is not a diet. There are no good or bad foods. No intense exercise programmes, diet shakes or pills or any of the other fads you have tried or read about. With the Weight Loss Recordings you will easily eat only when you are hungry and eat smaller portions, helping you lose weight and feel great.

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I am a registered clinical hypnotherapist and have used the Weight Loss Protocol myself and lost 33 kilograms. I know this works!

These are my recordings. There is no AI involved (which a lot of the downloadable hypnotherapy recordings use). I am also here to support you. If you need additional help you can book a personalised hypnotherapy session with me.

Go on, start your successful weight loss journey today! What have you got to lose?


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